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he Dometic TRT120E Rooftop Tent is your lightweight, water-resistant, 12V-powered, remote-controlled home away from home.
The tent’s quick setup and thick foam mattress mean less hassle and more kicking back at the campsite.

Recommended 77cm width between roof bars
5 cm high-density foam mattress big enough to sleep two
Can be set up in less than one minute with the included remote control
Integrated flyscreen to allow airflow through the tent and keep insects out
Lightweight telescopic aluminium ladder
Sets up in a matter of minutes via 12V-powered operation and remote control (included).
The 50mm thick, high density foam mattress comfortably fits (2) two people for a guaranteed good night’s sleep.
Two-layered fabric construction offers excellent thermal insulation.
Manufactured with water-resistant and UPF 50+ two-layer fabric.
The robust design is further enhanced by a durable water-resistant PVC tent cover with a UPF 50+ protection rating.
Double-layered windows with integrated fly screens allow airflow through the tent while keeping insects out.
A lightweight telescopic aluminum ladder is included for easy entrance.
Aluminum alloy construction allows the tent’s robust frame to remain lightweight.

Weight: 53kg
Inner tent dimensions: 120 x 200 x 100 WxDxH (front height)


1 x Tent Inner
1 x Fly Sheet
1 x Tent Cover
1 x Mattress
1 x Ladder
1 x Remote


Materials used:
Tent Inner - 190g Drip-stop polycotton PU 2000mm
Fly Sheet - 210g Drip-stop polyoxford PU 3000mm with silver coating UPF 50+
Frame - aluminium
Floor - 210g polycotton PU 2000mm
Tent Cover - 600g/m² PVC UPF 50+
Mattress - 50mm high density foam mattress
Ladder - aluminium


2180mm (85.8") L x 1320mm (52") W x 1150mm (45.3") H
2000mm (78.7") L x 1200mm (47.2") W x 1000mm (39.4") H
53kg (1179lbs) (including ladder)

UV Degradation

Be aware that (UV) ultraviolet rays will damage your tent if you expose it to direct sunlight for longer periods of time.
Polyester Awnings & Tents regardless of quality of denier material are made for camping use which is normally 2-5 weeks usage a year.
They are not designed for permanent usage and should only be used as camping products.
Camping near the sea or lake can further enhance the effect of UV radiation.
The same applies to poles and metal parts

"UV light will cause the fabric to fade, lose strength, and eventually disintegrate. The amount of UV damage is directly related to the fabric's exposure to the sun and the altitude at which the tent is pitched.
If it is left pitched during the day, high-altitude exposure can damage a tent beyond use within a month."

What is UV Degradation?
UV degradation refers to the breaking down of fabrics and materials, when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, due to exposure to the sun. Long term exposure to sunlight, can cause fabric such as polyester to degrade, beginning to rip, tear and become very brittle.

Why Do Manufacturers not cover UV Degradation Under Warranty?
UV degradation is a sign the product has reached a natural end to it's lifetime. There are different fabrics, different thicknesses of fabric, and treatments to help protect against exposure to sunlight.
However, given time, the sun will do it's job in breaking down those materials, to the point where they become unstable.

If a polyester tent or awning has suffered UV degradation, chances are it has been used to the point where its lifetime is ending, or it has been permanently pitched.
Polyester Tents & Awnings are a temporary shelter, and they are not designed to be left long-term pitched, unless they are specifically designed for residential pitches, and use harder wearing fabrics such as 100% cottons, which can take exposure to UV light on a longer-term basis.

Polyester Tents & Awnings have it pretty rough. Their purpose is to keep you protected from the elements, so by definition, they’re exposed to nature’s fury. Season after season, your trusty tent or tarp is subjected to wind, rain, dust, snow, hail, animals, and (sometimes) careless users.
But for a shelter that has been treated well over the years, the thing that will eventually kill it is something you might not expect: the sun.

In addition to visible light, the sun emits a massive amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which has a shorter wavelength than visible light and is present wherever there is sunlight.
While inorganic materials (like silicone and metal) are largely unaffected by UV radiation, organic compounds (i.e., anything containing carbon, not just your fancy kale) can be damaged by exposure to UV.
This includes all organic polymers, whether synthetic (like nylon and polyester) or naturally occurring (like cotton and wool).


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