Gazebo Guide

Gazebo Guide. What type of Gazebo are you looking for? Read our information below.

Our National ad on Newstalk runs as follows………………….                                           

“Happy Customer” (30”)
What’s a Gazebo? 
Is it a lightweight garden shelter, a swift shelter, pop up tent, marquee party tent 
or industrial shelter for business? 
At O’Meara we still don’t know, but we have all the above 
so whatever you call a Gazebo, we call a happy customer!
O’Meara have tents for all events, plus all the accessories 
from hog roasts, griddles to ice boxes, awnings for patios, folding tables and  
chairs and lots lots more.
For every event have a tent!

That’s the commercial!

What’s a Gazebo?

A gazebo can be a shelter for use in your garden that is very simple and inexpensive.
On the other hand, a gazebo can be of industrial quality, for everyday use while working, selling at a farmers market, running events, or countless other things. The simplest Gazebos are made from lightweight poles and roof material to either shade you from the sun or from the rain.
A more expensive Pro Elite Gazebo will be made from thick aluminium hexagonal tubing, designed to be quick erecting, with really smart waterproof and fireproof roof and sidewalls. O Meara Camping have a genuine British Standard fire certificate for their fire retardant tents. To get the fire certificate involved sending sample of material to the testing Co. not depending on the word of the Chinese. 
Industrial and Commercial Gazebos have automatic frames but cheaper models use lightweight metal and are only suitable for very odd usage when there is no wind. A Gazebo could also be a Party Tent or Marquee and there are many Party Tents / Marquees on this web site. 

So like the ad says “What’s a Gazebo”?

O’Meara Camping have divided our selection of “Gazebos” into:

Marquee Party Tents | Gazebos:
This section will show you a wide range of extra large shelters / marquees which are manually constructed using Steel Frames and Waterproof materials. 
The frame strength varies between the different grades. All frames are tubular and powder coated and range from 38mm to 50mm in tube thickness. All Marquees are waterproof but only some are Fire Certified. Spare Parts Are Available & Replacement Fabric is also if ever required.

Pop Up Shelters | Gazebos:
In our Pop Up Shelter section we have a range of sizes and qualities of shelters which do exactly what they say they – Pop Up, with ease. The framework for each model is Aluminum and there are no loose parts. The frame opens like an accordion making it the easiest and fastest unit to erect. Ideal for someone who requires a Farmers Market stall, work station or garden patio cover. Very little time is needed to have your shelter ready for use. At O ‘Meara Camping we have divided our Pop up shelters into two Categories:
1) Commercial Grade & 2) Pro Elite Grade. Please read the copy below.

Pop Up Shelter (Commercial Grade):
Lighter to use then our Industrial range. Material is 350g/m2 PVC backed polyester. Frame is 40mm aluminium. 4x zipped Side Walls. Fully waterproof material, Fire Retardant & Fire Certified. Spare Parts Available & Replacement Fabric also available if ever required. Please see our Videos. Frames and tops are sold separately. Commercial top is a solid colour.

Pop Up Shelter (Pro Elite Grade)
Heaviest and Strongest Pop Up Shelters. Material is 450g/s2 PVC backed polyester. Frame is 50mm aluminium. 4x zipped Side Walls. Fully waterproof material, Fire Retardant & Fire Certified. Spare Parts Are Available & Replacement Fabric is also available if ever required. Please see our Videos. Frames and tops are sold separately. Pro Elite is generally two tone.

Garden Gazebos:
Our range of garden gazebos is limited as garden Gazebos are an inexpensive product that are not built to last. Garden Gazebos will give you cover for a party but “Wind” is not their friend and must only be used in mild not windy conditions. Parts are not available if your garden gazebo gets damaged. Frame and tops are not sold separately.

General Information:
Some companies selling “Gazebos” will sell you what ever you wish to purchase with little to no interest in what you intend to use your gazebo for. To reduce the price they also reduce the quality. I have seen a hybrid shelter using Pro Elite legs and a commercial top!
At O’Meara Camping we offer our experience and opinion to help you to purchase the right gazebo for your needs.
O Meara Camping stock a wide range of spare parts for all Gazebos except the garden quality range. Read the information on each product carefully we have been as detailed as we can to help you make your decision. Our showrooms will always have some display of Gazebos / Party Tents / Marquees / Swift Shelters if you wish to come in and view and feel the quality for yourself.

I have seen Industrial Pro Elite legs and softer Commercial frame mixed together. Up to the innocent buyer to see how money was been saved!

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