Portable Toilet Details

Portable Chemical Toilets are a fantastic product and can be used for camping, spare toilet at home, as a commode, for concerts and much more.

Portable Chemical Toilet How It Works.

A Chemical Toilet consists of a fresh water tank and a waste holding compartment. The two parts are separated by an odour tight valve mechanism. A hand or battery operated pump delivers a fresh water flush for each use keeping the bowl of the toilet hygienic and fresh as in normal home toilets.

The waste holding tank is conveniently emptied through a large opening and then resealed with a screw cap.
A Chemical Toilet is multi-purpose and is ideal for camping, caravanning, boating, in place of a commode, for patients and the elderly, or for cottages, events, scouts and guides.

A Chemical Toilet uses chemicals such as Aqua Kem, Potti Kem, Elsan Blue and many other brands.
The portable toilet chemicals help break down waste and control odours. Portable toilet rinse such as Aqua rinse is an additive which is added to the flushing water to help clean the bowl clean. The portable toilet uses special toilet paper such as Aqua Soft toilet tissue which is especially designed for chemical toilets and is fast dissolving.

The portable chemical toilet has been used for home use for over 50 years.

Please note: Due to Health & Safety once purchased alll Toilets are non Refundable.

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