Tent & Pole Repairs


O’ Meara Camping Do Not Offer a Tent / Material Repair Service
For repairs, it is best to find someone who is used to stitching fabrics for outdoor use. 
We would suggest looking up your nearest sailmaker – http://www.sail.ie/sailmakers.htm

Not all damage to material / fabric is possible to repair it depends on the quality of the material and its condition please keep this in mind. Take care of your tent.
You may be asked to send some images of your damaged tent so please have these ready if required. 


If you purchased your Tent / Shelter / Gazebo or Marquee from O’Meara Camping we almost certainly have parts in stock to fix your product.

For  repairs O’ Meara Camping DO NOT offer an “On The Spot” repair service. We are happy to take in your poles/frame and repair them as soon as possible. This in some cases can take a couple of weeks especially during the very busy summer periods and over Bank Holiday weekends. The shop makes no apology
for bumping an O’ Meara purchased tent higher in the queue!

Tent poles can be purchased from O’Meara Camping allowing you the customer to easily fix your own poles. if you are in a rush to have the tent ready to go away this is a fast way to get the repair done..

Please email in images of the damage to info@omearacamping.com and our staff will try to assist you especially if not one of our tents.

Do you repair Dome Tents? Do You supply spare fibreglass poles for dome tents?

In almost all cases Tents supplied by O’Meara Camping will have spare poles available for them. Other tents may have spare poles available for them but we must see the damaged poles to be sure. Pole repairs can be carried out by O’Meara Staff for a reasonable fee but will not be done on the spot. It takes time to fix a dome pole and the elastic must be replaced at the same time. Our aim is to take in the damaged poles and have them ready to roll in one to two weeks. Customers can post in pole repairs but all outward returns once paid for will be sent via DPD. There will be a 20-euro charge for the delivery plus parts and labour for the repair work.  Poles and elastic are sold separately and are listed on the web site.

Dome poles left in for repair must be left in with Cathal, David, Eoin or Derlva, who are capable of assessing the repair, and dome poles will have to be signed in by either of them. Should they be with some one at the time please wait for them!

If the tent was purchased from O’Meara Camping and the repair is urgently required O’Meara Camping will try to have the repair carried out as soon as possible.

During peak season a dome pole repair carried out by O’Meara Camping can take up to 2 weeks. Please check your tent early.

Remember the pole repair can be done immediately by yourself just by buying the correct sized poles and elastic! The spare poles and elastic are available off the shelf and almost always available.

Thank you
O Meara Camping.

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