Example: Ice Box,Water Container? It could be any item of stock. This query is the most frequently asked question and a question that is difficult to answer definitively. The internet means all items on our web site are available to be purchased at any time by anyone. “Murphy’s law” says that at the time you say something is in stock someone else will buy it! It has happened more than once! In summer time we fill a van every day with orders for delivery. There is a “Pay and Collect” system on our site that allows us to take a paid for item out of stock, label it sold, put a name on it etc. This option allows us make a definite answer,

In general what is on the web site at time of asking is in stock at that time! If a product says there is only 1 or 2 left in stock and you are travelling a distance to come and buy this item, I would advise that you use our “Pay and Collect” system, just you ring ahead and pay for the item on the phone. Last items sold in the shop during the day do not get removed from the website stock until later. To avoid being disappointed call or email us in advance and use pay and collect.

support questions. Read full support terms here.

Yes, BUT in our busy summer period we can not do on spot pole repairs, also we only stock replacements for our own tents. If you require a replacement pole or shock cord we can offer replacement sets we stock in store or on our website. Alternatively, you can leave them in with us but the waiting period can take up to 3 weeks in our busy period!.

No, we only stock poles for our own brands or tents that we sell or universal replacements that you can buy yourself in store (Stock dependent).

Yes we do, although staff will still be attempting to get a break and a cup of tea, so sometimes a little patience is required. The shop is open throughout the day so you may view and walk around while you wait.

The delivery system O’Meara Camping have signed up for allows us to deliver larger items at low cost. Conversely smaller cheaper items are at the same rate to deliver. The rate that is set online is a Basket rate which allows you to keep adding items to your basket without the delivery charge going up. If you are thinking of something small delivered, try adding other items to your purchase as the delivery cost will almost certainly be the same. Try putting a shopping list together. A special offer with free delivery allows us to deliver other items at the same time to the same address free also! Now that is good value.

It is easy to pick up the phone and state your query. I will never stop you ringing O’Meara’s. Remember that e mail info@omearacamping.com makes sure the correct person responds to your query which may not happen on a phone call. We have summer staff that come in for a couple of months and their knowledge of some stock will not be as comprehensive as our senior sales staff. If you send an e mail we will have written notes phone numbers etc. If you have an issue put it on an e-mail and unless the sky falls in it will be dealt with quickly and by the right person. O’Meara’s try to

DPD Interlink are our main delivery provider. If your order is quite large, then we may use JMC to send out your order. DPD generally do deliver the following day! Try leaving a bit of time for this delivery even waiting a second day. If your goods have not arrived, then e mail us the details. E mail allows us the space to take each delivery issue separately and deal with it to your satisfaction. The phone is very unsatisfactory for O Meara Camping as we need to know the details of the delivery, who took the order, where is that person etc. E mail us and give us a little time and we will follow up the delivery for you. Last year at least 5 people had a knock on the door while talking to us…yes it was DPD. Please E mail us this query.

E mail us with the issue and we will fix it if possible.

In almost all cases Tents supplied by O’Meara Camping will have spare poles available for them. Other tents may have spare poles available for them but we must see the damaged poles to be sure. Pole repairs can be carried out by O’ Meara Staff for a small fee but will rarely be done on the spot. It takes time to fix a dome pole and the elastic must be replaced at the same time. Our aim is to take in the damaged poles and have them ready to roll in one week. Customers can post in pole repairs but all outward returns once paid for will be sent via DPD. There will be a 20-euro charge for the delivery plus parts and labour for the repair work. Poles and elastic are sold separately and are listed on the web site. http://www.omearacamping.com/dome-tent-poles-222-c.asp

Yes, we repair both our commercial and industrial range of Pop Up Shelters and have a fully stocked spare parts section for them alone. Ideally, we want the shelter gazebo to come in to us for repair. Repairs will take time and will usually not be done on the spot.
Cheaper low cost Gazebos are not repaired and no spare parts are kept.

Special terms are provided to Scout & Guide orders as they buy in bulk. The special prices that scouts and Guides enjoy does not allow us to collect repairs / mistakes without additional payment being made. If a Scout or Guide group wants to return something unused or faulty then the item must be returned to us by the Scout or Guide Group.

No, we don’t. Tents are coming from China and the cost of replacing a zip can sometimes be as expensive as replacing the tent. We do not stock loose material or spare zips.
We do have a seamstress to recommend if you give us a call.

Staff are strictly warned not to weigh or measure any item. Unless precise measurements are supplied to us by the products manufacturer we do not estimate the size.
Customers are of course always welcome to come in themselves to weigh or measure and all help will be given to them. Not an ideal answer but one that has become necessary.

There are only two certainties in life, and delivery or a promise that someone says we made is not one of them. We do not promise. Once an order leaves the shop it’s in the hands of DPD and out of our control.

O’Meara Camping offer special bulk prices, Trade deals are also done. Please enquire over the phone or come in and talk to us, as these prices will never be published online.

During our busy season answering the phone and taking messages can be difficult. Please be advised we always try to answer your query over the phone but if we take a number and no one rings you back we do apologies we may have taken your phone number down incorrectly or the sales team have just been too busy on that day to get back to you. Please do call again or use e mail where the answer does not have to be immediate.

No, it is impossible to guarantee time of delivery. We use a courier company and are unable to promise our customers a time of delivery. If you can supply us with a mobile number at the time of ordering, we will try to arrange that you receive a text message to give you an approx. time of your parcels arrival. We cannot guarantee this in all cases.

If our 3 phone lines are engaged or are not answered for any reason we do apologise, this should not happen, but on the rare case it does it is normally due to the fact that the shop is so busy that all sales members are dealing with customers in the shop. Please do call back as we do not have a messaging service. You can always send us an email and someone will be back to you as soon as they can.

During the summer and busy months, we are open 6 days a week. However, from September the kids are back to school and the camping season is done until the following March. Due to this reason, we adjust our opening hours to suit. Please check our website for our opening hours. Of course, our website is open 24/7.

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