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O’Mearas recommend that you always use tie down ratchet straps & strong pegs even in the mildest conditions to secure your Party Tent to the ground. If your Party Tent is been used on gravel rather than grass we absolutely recommend that you bolt or weigh it down. Ideally even on hard ground the tie down kits should be used. Improvise! Use common sense! Drill the ground if necessary!

Please Read:

Marquee “Party” tents are a fantastic product provided you choose the correct model for your purpose. Most party tents come with 38 mm frames with the exception of heavy duty party tents that come with 48 mm frames. O’Meara Camping’s new heavy duty party tents now come with 50mm frames.  It is the thickness of steel in the 38 mm frame that differentiates the quality. Feel the frame and you will know. The Internet allows all our competitors to claim that their party tents are the best quality. They most certainly are not all as good, and some are, to put it gently, considerably worse. Recent innovations in Party Tents with the cost of steel has suppliers reducing the thickness of the frame. In some cases the thickness is only 22mm! Some large Party Tents have no supporting roof structure and will be worthless after any use in bad weather. Examine the photographs carefully!

O’Meara Camping, to my knowledge, are the only retailer in Ireland directly importing their own range of “Party” marquee tents. O’Meara Camping also have a budget range of Gazebo tents up to 6m*3m in a separate section in our web site. Gazebos should not be confused with Party Tents as the quality of the lower priced Gazebo is reflected in it’s much cheaper price. O Meara Camping have the following unique service with their Party Tents and it is nice to know that you are not wasting your money with no after sales service. 

O’Meara Camping Party Tents are supported by a back up of replacement spare poles and angle parts. In some cases we may also be able to replace a roof or side/end panel.

Storm damage is the only exception to this frame repair offer. If the frame is extensively damaged, the entire frame may need to be replaced. O’Meara Camping do carry extensive spare parts and we will do our best to get your tent back up and running again at as little cost to you as possible. On our web site we will shortly have a range of spare parts and their prices. A discount will be offered to customers that have purchased from O’Meara’s however. Of the party tents O’Meara Camping have imported we have purposely imported differing qualities. We tell you that. This difference in quality / price allows us to compete with the pretenders and beat them on price. O’Meara Camping also offer in almost all cases proper tie down kits, free delivery, frame spare parts and also display our tents so you can touch and feel them. O’Meara’s believe that the O’Meara Camping Party Tents are the best value about and unlike many companies we actually answer the phone and tell you about our products. Ground bar sets are supplied with some party tents. O’Meara Camping supply most of their party tents without ground bars as ground bars are an additional complication in erecting the tent. In some cases ground bars can be a tripping hazard. Ground bars are not suitable or intended to hold the tent down. The use of ground bars on hard standing will not help you if the wind blows.

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