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Don't give up before you at least try!

Many new campers today remember what camping was like as a child and feel that the experience might not be an enjoyable one. But like everything camping has evolved into a massively family friendly and hugely entertaining experience both giving the parents some head space but allowing the children have outdoor fun with other children and leaving the screen time at home.

At OMeara Camping we specialize in Family camping even though we also cater for Scouts and Hiking tents most of our equipment has been specially selected for Family Camping & Caravanning.

Choose a tent that is the correct size for your family. Squeezing in only suits for a overnight or 2.

This is a holiday and should be enjoyable to dont always select budget get some comforts you wouldnt go on a family holiday in a hostel so camping should be no different.

What ever you purchase you own not like a night in a hotel once the money is spent its gone.

My Top Tips:

Be Warm – Therefore a good sleeping bag or blankets

Sleeping on something comfortable. Airbeds are ok but Camp Mats or bed are better. Those in caravan and motorhomes already have those comforts.

Good chair – Once you have kids that are able to go play you tend to sit alot camping better to be in something comfortable.

Camp sites probably wont like me saying this but – A Heater in ireland we are not blessed with the best weather so trust me going into a cold tent and a cold sleeping bag isnt the best. Having a little heat helps alot.

Good Ice box – Nothing worse then drinking room temperature drinks or having to check is the milk gone off.

All of these items will last you years when you get the right stuff and can be used at home for any sleep overs and parties at home so invest and have yourself an enjoyable memorable camping experience.

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