15 Ltr Folding Water Container


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This 15L collapsible water carrier helps to keep you hydrated during camping trips and during long journeys.
Also perfect for when you're out fishing, BBQs, sports, picnics, festivals, parties and trips to the beach.
It features a 2-in-1 lid with a tap to easily dispense water from the container.

It is made from a pure food grade polyurethane. This means it contains no additives, dyes or recycled materials, making it safe for carrying water.

This water carrier is also perfect for emergencies and daily use.
For example, when your kitchen is being renovated or when the mains water supply is not working, this water carrier will definitely come in handy.
It can also be used to store filtered water in a fridge if you live in an area where the water is hard.

Light, compact and reusable
Stores 15 litres of water
Easy carry handle