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The Spirit of Tipperary
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The Spirit of Tipperary.(Book)gift.

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! Ideal gift.
The print run on this once off collection is quite small. Just to have it on your shelf should be a source of pride and if the original copy of the book is used as a case in point you are likely to see the book appreciate in value.

I hope you find the poems and the works in the book inspiring.

A collection of Poems and Ballads Illustrating Tipperary's connection with the various phases of Irish History.

The collection has been made by two well known National Teachers, Messers. T MacDonald, M.A., and P. O’Meara, M.A., both of Toomevara. They were assisted by a number of collaborators, to whom acknowledgement is made. This volume is not a mere haphazard collection of poems. It follows a very definite plan and is not only a book of poetry but a compendium of local history. It embraces the work not only of Tipperary born poets, but also poetry by non native writers which has associations, historical or otherwise with the county. The wealth of material will come as a surprise to many. The whole county, North and South, is represented.

Part 1 consists of forty poems in English, and the list of authors drawn from will show the wide scope of the book. They include Kickham, Davis, the Bard Of Thomond, Myles Finnan, Dalton Williams, “Eva,” Darby Ryan, Ellen O Leary, Michael Doheny, Thomas McDonagh, Cannon Cunningham, D.F. Gleeson, etc. Added to these are a number of anonymous poems. Refrence to the Airs are given where they can be found.
The work is arranged on a historical basis. Interesting and instructive notes preface each poem. The poems illustrate Tipperary contacts with Irish history and it is a discovery to find that practically every big phase of our national history, from the earliest times, has a poem to illustrate the part played by our county.

Part 2, the Irish section, contains some thirty poems and the selection ranges from Keating and Hackett in the ealrly  seventeeth century to present day Irish verse. It is an interesting fact that Tipperary, which cannot be called Gaeltacht, has kept an unbroken continuity of Irish poetry. It is also a matter of pride that some of the best known of our Irish songs, like “Eamonn a’Cnuic,” “Seán Ó Duibhir,” “Caitlín Ní Uallacháin,” “Cill Cais,” are products of Tipperary poets. Irish students will be somewhat amazed at the wealth and quality of the poems, now seen together in one volume, considering that we have here only a selection.
  A very useful addition to the book consists of biographical notes on each part. These in themselves are a fine contribution to the history of the county.
A book which should be in every one of the Homes of Tipperary worthy of the name.
The compilers have put into it every piece of good poetry in Irish and English, that has been made about their golden county.
Were I Dictator of Education, I would excuse any Tipperary scholar from further examination for Leaving Certificate if he or she knew by heart (1) The multiplication Table, (2) The Cathechism, (3) “The Spirit of Tipperary.” With these three books, a student would have the rudiments of everything that matters, and a sound national culture into the bargain.
(“Roddy the Rover,” in the Irish Press”)
A headline which other counties may well follow…..
Many outside Tipperary will welcome this collection. Its authors have shown the way to erect defences against the spirit of the jazz age, in song at least.
(“P.R.” in the Irish Independent”)
Gives in some splendid pieces of ballad poetry a bird’s eye view of Tipperary’s connection with the various phases of Irish history. The notes to the poems are especially interesting and are in themselves a full course in local history.
(“The Irish School weekly”)
All concerned with the publication deserve hearty congratulations on the admirable result of their labours, which fulfils a long-felt want.
(“Clonmel Nationalist”)
It is redolent of the spirit of the past and also with the aspirations of Irish Ireland for the cultivation and preservation of great traditions as an inspiration for the present and future generations.
(“Midland Tribune”)
Compilers and publishers deserve congratulations on a valuable little contribution to Tipperary history and one which, we are sure will be appreciated by all Tipperarymen.
(“The Tipperary Star”)
An gceadóchta dhomsa, le do thoil, focal molta a thabhairt do’n leabhrán beag úd - “The Spirit of Tipperary.” Tús maith é ar an gcineál amhráin a mba cheart múineadh do pháistí scoile. Molaim an iarracht seo na sean amhráin náisiúnta a aithbheochaint agus tá súil agam go leanfaidh na conntaethe eile an sampla maith ata amach rompa ag Tiobraid Árann.
(Micheál Ó Maoláin (as Árann)

  • Tipperary
  • Letter Oran
  • The battle of Sulchoid
  • The Munster War Song
  • The Battle of Thurles
  • At Cashel
  • Holycross
  • O'Brien of Ara
  • O'Donnell's March
  • O'Sullivan's Retreat
  • The Defence of Clonmel
  • Galloping O 'Hogan
  • Shaun O Dwyer
  • Eamonn  The Hill
  • The Penal Mass at Urra
  • A Scene in the South
  • The Vow of Tipperary
  • The Matchless Men of Tipperary
  • O'Donnell of Tipperary
  • The Felons
  • A Chuisle Gheal Mo Chroidhe
  • The Outlaw's Wife
  • Rory of the Hill
  • Michael O' Dwyer
  • My Irish Cothamore
  • On Carden's Wild Domain
  • The Irish Peasant Girl
  • The Dying Girl
  • Father Matthew
  • Ireland's Lament
  • The Peeler and the Goat
  • Patrick Sheehan
  • A Song for the Gaelic Athletic Clubs
  • The Old Stock
  • The Man Upright
  • Of a Poet Patriot
  • The Mountainy Men
  • The Place where I was born
  • My Coat of Frieze
  • I Love You, Tipperary
  • All of Ireland
  • Biographical Notes.
O'Donnell's March and O'Sullivan's Retreat.
Sarsfield's Ride.

Place Name Index: Properly done in the book itself.

AHERLOW, Co. Tipperary. The Glen of Aherlow is a picturesque valley nestling between Slievenamuck and the Galtee Mountains in the western part of County Tipperary. Aherlow. O Sullivan visited on his retreat from Glengarriff. 14, 15, 25, 74, 122, 124, 141.
ANNER, Co. Tipperary. Tributary of the river Suir. 53, 62, 95. AONACH, (Nenagh) Co. Tipperary. Aonach Urmhumhan [The Fair 151
of Ormond] or An t-Aonach, the county town and second largest town county. Located in the Barony of Ormond Lower, Nenagh was originally a market town. 22, 82, 83, 85, 86, 88, 93. ARA, a mountainous district south of Lough Derg and north of Keeper Hill. 21, 22.
ARD FINNAIN, Ardfinnan, Co. Tipperary. 15.
ARDVILLANE, near Lattin Cullen, Co. Tipperary. 93.  
ATHCROCK, O’Donnell visited on his trip from Donegal to Kinsale. .23. AUGHRIM, Eachroim, Co. Galway. 25, 26. 34, 35, 112, 142. BALLINAKILL,  O’Sullivan visited on his retreat from Glengarriff. 25. BALLINASLOE, (Béal Átha na Slua) Co. Galway. 122. BALLINDERRY, Co. Tipperary a village and a townland in the Barony of Ormond Lower. 43. BALLINGARRY, Co. Tipperary, 45, 47. BALLINGEARY, Béal Átha An Ghaorthaidh, Co.Cork, a Gaeltacht in the Sheehy Mountains. 49. BALLYCOHEY.Co. Tipperary, townland close to Shronell, parish of Lattin-Cullen, circa 6 kms. from Tipperary town. 55. BALLYCRAGGAN, Co. Tipperary, between Puckane and Dromineer and not far from Urra hill. 38. BALLYMOTE, Co. Sligo, O’Donnell visited on his trip from Donegal to Kinsale. 23. BALLYNEETY,  Co. Limerick. 30, 33. BALLYVALLEY, Co. Clare where the river Shannon is narrow and fordable. 30. BALLYVOURNEY, Co. Cork. 25. BANDON, Co. Cork. 23. BANSHA, Bansha an Bháinseach, Co. Tipperary. 66, 71, 72, 97, 122, 144. BANTRY, Beanntraí,Co. Cork, 122. BARNANE CASTLE. Templemore, Co. Tipperary. 59.  BARNANE. Co. Tipperary. 82. BARROW, NORE, SUIR.sister rivers that flow into the sea at 
Waterford. 88. BELFAST, Béal Feirste. 119. BLACKROCK, Co. Dublin. 96 BLARNEY, Co. Cork. 26. BORRISOKANE, Co. Tipperary. 83, 94. BREFFNY, Gaelic territory in Cavan, Leittim and part of Sligo. 25. BURGESS, Co. Tipperary. 141,  BUTLER OF NENAGH. Co. Tipperary. 21. CAHIR, Co. Tipperary. 88. CAMAILTE Sliabh Coimeálta, Co. Tipperary, Keeper Hill or Slievekimalta, in the Silvermine Mountains. 21, 22, 30, 33, 82, 83, 86. CAPE CLEAR. Co. Cork, Clear Island or Cape Clear Island. 89.  CARLOW. Co. Carlow. 86. CARRAIG NA SIÚIRE, Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary. 76, 88, 96, 134. CARRICK STREET,Mullinahone Co. Tipperary. 43. CARRICKFERGUS. 119. CASHEL, Caiseal MumhanCo. Tipperary. 17, 30, 88, 93, 135, 136, 143. CASTLETOWN, Co. Tipperary, near Lough Derg. 85. CILL AODÁIN, Kiltimagh , Co. Mayo. 124. CILL CHÁIS, Kilcash, Co. Tipperary, near Clonmel. 123, CILL DÁ LUA. Killaloe, Co. Clare. 22. CLASH, Toomevara, Co. Tipperary. 31. CLONMEL, Cluain Meala,  Co. Tipperary. 26, 88, 134, 141. CLONTARF,Co. Dublin. 69. CLOONIQUIN,Co Roscommon. 94. CLOUGHJORDAN, Co. Tipperary. 91, 96, CNOC MAOL DONN, Knockmealdown is the highest peak of the Knockmealdown mountains. 88. CORCOMROE ABBEY, Co. Clare, north of the Burren region.19. CORIGEENS, small island in Lough Derg. 85. CORK CITY. 97, COROLANTY, Shinrone, Co. Offaly. 31. 153
CROOM, Co. Limerick. 23. CURRAGHANEDDY, Bansha, Co. Tipperary. 91. DEVIL’S BIT,mountain in county Tipperary. 59, 84. DOON, Dún Bleisce,Co. Limerick. 143. DROGHEDA, Co. Louth. 27. DROM INBHIR,Dromineer, Co. Tipperary.  21, 22, 84, 85. DUBLIN CITY. 75, 113, 142. DUNOHILL, Co. Tipperary.25. FETHARD, Co. Tipperary. 92,  FIDDOUN, Co. Kilkenny. Page 9. GALTEE MORE, Galteemore, mountain straddling counties Limerick and Tipperary. 14, 25, 43, 88, 97. GALTEES, in counties Tipperary and Cork. 7, 14, 74. GALWAY CITY. 113, 142. GLEANN COLAICH, Glenculloo, Co. Limerick. 14. GLENCULOO. near Kiloscully in County Tipperary. 84, 86. GLENGARRIFF, Co. Cork. 25, 49. Glengarrif GLENOSHEEN,Co. Limerick. 94. GLENVEIGH, Co. Donegal. 55. GLOWN, Upperchurch, Co Tipperary. 30, 82. GRÁINSEACH MHÓICLÉIR, Grangemockler, Co. Tipperary. 142. GRANGE, Nenagh, CO. Tipperary. 86. HEADFORD,Co. Galway. 95. HOGAN’S PASS, Co. Tipperary, on Nenagh  –Portroe road. 31. HOLYCROSS, Co. Tipperary. 19, 20, 23. IKERRIN, barony in county Tipperary. 23. ILLAUNMORE, Co. Clare, an island in Lough Derg. 85. INIS BÓ FINNE(Inishbofin), Co. Galway. 122. INISCALTRA. Inis Cealtra, or Holy Island, Co. Clare. 83, 85. KILBARRON. Co. Tipperary, west of Borrisokane. 85. KILKENNY CITY, Co. Kilkenny. 89. KILLALOE CHURCH,Killaloe, Co. Clare. 19, 30, 33. KILLOSCULLY, County Tipperary. 30. KILRUSH, Co. Clare. Page 90. KILSKYRE, Co Meath, near Kells. 96.
KILTEELAGH, Co. Tipperary, near Dromineer. 84. KILWORTH, Co. Cork near Fermoy. 98. KINCORA, Co. Clare located on the Shannon in Killaloe. 30. KINNITY, Co. Offaly. KINSALE, Co. Cork. 23, 141. KNICKEENAGOW, Co. Tipperary [now Mockler’s Hill] near Cashel. 95. KNOCKNAGOW, Co. Tipperary. 88, 96. KNOCKSHEGOWNA, Co. Tipperary, near Ballingarry. 84. KNOCKVICAR, Co. Roscommon. 25. LABODIAL, Killaloe Co Clare. 31. LATTERAGH, Co. Tipperary. 25. LATTERAGH, Co Tipperary near Toomevara. 10, 25. LETTER.Co. Offaly.10. LISGORIFF’S CREST, Co Tipperary, near Templederry. 83. LONGFORD PASS, Co. Tipperary, near Urlingford. 43. LORRHA,Co. Tipperary. 25, 83, 84. LOUGH DERG, lower lake of Shannon river system. 38, 82, 84. LOUGH LUA, Co. Cork, (Loch Allua) near Ballingeary. 49. LOWER ORMOND, Co. Tipperary, a barony. 8. 79, 82, 85. LUIMNEACH, Limerick. 14, 16, 23, 30, 93, 112, 142. MALIN HEAD, Co. Donegal. 89. MALLOW. Co. Cork. 26, 91. MODREENY, Co. Tipperary, between Borrisokane and Cloughjordan. 44, 91. MONAQUILL,Co. Tipperary, near Dolla. 40, 91, 92. MULLINAHONE. Co. Tipperary. 95. NEW ROAD THOMONDGATE, outskirts of Limerick city. 94.  NEW YORK. NY, USA. 47. NEWPORT, Co.Tipperary. in the barony of Owney and Arra. 82. KILLEA, Co. Tipperary. 59, 90. PORTROE, Co. Tipperary. 90. PUCKANE.(alternately Puckaun), Co. Tipperary. 30, 38. REDWOOD, Lorrha, Co. Tipperary. 25. RINN Ó GCUANACH, Ring, Co. Waterford. 143.
ROCK OF CASHEL, Co. Tipperary. 18. ROSCREA,Co. Tipperary. 31, 90, 91, SAIGHIR. Co Offaly. 10. SCARIFF. Co. Clare. 84. SHANNON HARBOUR, Co. Offaly. 23. SHANNON.33, 35, 85. SILVERMINES, Co. Tipperary. 37, 86, 90. SLIABH BLOOM. Slieve Bloom, counties Laois and Offaly. 7, 14, 15, 16, 23. SLIABH IPHLINN.25. SLIABH MUIRE.25. SLIEVE FELIM. mountain straddles counties Tipperary and Limerick. 25. SLIEVENAMON, Sliabh Na mBan, Co. Tipperary. 116, 144. ST. MARY’S CATHEDRAL,Limerick city. 19. TEAMPALL UACHTARACH, Upperchurch, Co. Tipperary.142. TEAMPULL MOR, Templemore, County Tipperary.15.  TEMPLEDERRY,Co. Tipperary. 10, 43, 44, 91. TEMPLEMORE,Co. Tipperary. 15, 59, 90, 98. TEMPLENOE, Co. Kerry. 51. TERRYGLASS,Tír Dhá Ghlas, Co. Tipperary. 83, 85. THE SHANNON,the longest river in the British Isles. 15, 17, 25. THE SUIR, river that flows through county Tipperary. 15. THOMASTOWN CASTLE,Bansha, Co. Tipperary. 66. THOMOND, Tuamhain, Gaelic territory in counites Clare and Limerick. 12. THURLES, Dúrlas Éile, Co. Tipperary. 17, 76, 88, 90, 133. TIPPERARY TOWN. Co. Tipperary. 74, 78, 95, 97, 141, 144. TOOMEVARA, Tuaim Uí Mheára,Co. Tipperary. 64, 98, 113. UPPER ORMOND, barony in north Tipperary. 8, 78, 82. UPPERCHURCH,Co. Tipperary. 37. URRA,Co. Tipperary. 38, 84. VAN DIEMEN’S LAND, (now Tasmania), Australia. 47. WATERFORD.34. WEXFORD, 27.
YOUGHAL, Eochaill, Co. Cork. 122.

Aherlow Co Tipperary
Anner Co Tipperary
Aonach, Nenagh, Co Tipperary
Ard Fionnain, Co Tipperary
Ardvillane, Co Tipperary
​​​​​​​Aughrim Co Galway
​​​​​​​Ballinasloe Co Galway
​​​​​​​Ballinderry, Co Tipperary
Ballingarry Co Tipperary
Ballingeary Co Cork
Ballycohey Co Tipperary
Ballycraggan Co Tipperary
Ballymote Co Sligo
​​​​​​​Ballyneety Co Limerick
Ballyvalley Co Clare
Ballyvourney Co Cork
Bandon Co Cork
Bansha Co Tipperary
Bantry Co Cork
Barnane Co Tipperary
Barrow, Nore, Suir
Blackrock Co Dublin
Blarney Co Cork
Borrisokane Co Tipperary
​​​​​​​Burgess Co Tipperary
Butler of Nenagh Co Tipperary
Cahir Co Tipperary
Cape Clear Co Cork
Carlow Co Cork
Carraig na Siuire Co Tipperary

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