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Sunncamp Europa 6 Tent | Frame Tent | OMeara Camping
Sunncamp Europa 6 Tent | Frame Tent | OMeara Camping
Sunncamp Europa 6 Tent | Frame Tent | OMeara Camping
Sunncamp Europa 6 Tent | Frame Tent | OMeara Camping
Sunncamp Europa 6 Tent | Frame Tent | OMeara Camping
Sunncamp Europa 6 Frame Tent
The Europa 6 Man Family camping tent and extremely high quality. Large camping tent which has a steel frame and erects frame first. Ideal for long duration use or as a Mess tent for scout groups.
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Sunncamp Europa 6 Tent: (Including Heavy Duty Ground Sheet)

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The Classic Frame tent is still very much in demand and the Europa 6 is a truly wonderful tent. The Europa 6 has an Acrylic coated fabric covering making this tent unique. The Europa 6 frame tent has been used, tried and tested in Ireland and all over Europe. Mairtin O Meara has for years argued that the frame tent is the best design of family tent for use in Ireland. Some of these family frame tents have survived 30+ years where modern dome tents have failed. Frame tents have steel frames that support the canvas. If the weather is bad all that is needed is heavier pegs to hold the tent in place. Modern dome tents suit mail order as they are easy to package and deliver. Dome tents implode when the weather is bad and in Ireland that can happen!! Large family dome and tunnel tents are now almost as bulky as the traditional frame tents so the advantage of weight is removed. The new range of Kampa pole and air tents are really good contenders to be the same quality as the Europa. 
The Europa may be re introduced with Air Frame!!

The Europa 6 can be used for extended camping. The synthetic roof does not need re proofing and is robust enough to last for many years.

The material used on the Europa make it suitable for use as a garden tent as well as for family camping or indeed as a scout utility tent.

The Europa 6 tent is very highly recommended. As the saying goes "when they are gone they are definitely gone"

Sunncamp Europa 6 Tent Features:

  • Solid metal frame.
  • Easily erected with a strong metal frame.
  • Strong waterproof material.
  • In almost all cases quicker and easier to erect than a family dome tent.
  • Frame is easier to repair and breaks less frequently.
  • Bedroom area is separate to the tent and can be replaced/removed if necessary.
  • Guying is more certain as the guy is attached to a solid frame.
  • The tent has real substance to it.
  • The material is extremely easy to clean.
  • This tent is ideal for camping where the tent will get dirty.
  • The tent is ideal for use in France where there may be "gunge" from the trees.
  • Tent material will wipe down with a damp cloth.

Sunncamp Europa 6 Tent Specifications:

Berth: 6 Persons.

Rooms: 3 Bedrooms, Kitchen area &  Living Area.

Outer Material: 280gm Acrylic Coated  waterproof material.

Inner Bedroom Material: Breathable Polycotton.

Groundsheet on bedrooms: PVC Sewn into inner bedrooms.

Poles: Steel frame & spring Loaded for easy assembly.

Height: 210cm.

Flame Retardant: Yes.

Packed Size:

Boxes: 2

Weight of 2 boxes: 43.5Kgs.

Outer Dimensions: 370cm L x 380cm W x 210cm H.

Inner Bedroom Dimensions: 210cm L x 355cm W.

Sunncamp Europa 6 Tent Further Features:

  • Front ‘J’ door.
  • Stub canopy protection over front panel to protect front door and allow you to open slightly for ventilation if raining.
  • Side canopy panel.
  • Roll up front panel for use in good weather.
  • Front window with internal curtain to allow more natural light and curtain for privacy.
  • Side window with internal curtain.
  • Upright kitchen extension for cooking with mesh panel to allow steam out of tent.
  • Vent panel with zipped external cover to kitchen.
  • Three separate bedrooms 2+2+2 (all one bedroom with 2 curtain dividers which can be rolled up if desired).
  • Secondary mesh to bedroom ‘D’ doors.
  • Storage pockets to all bedrooms.
  • Sewn in PVC groundsheet to inner bedrooms.

Fabric: Acrylic is a type of fabric made from acrylic fibres, and was first manufactured by the DuPont Company. It does use a chemically produced substance called acrylonitrile, which is also used in the production of plastics. Acrylic fabric is marketed as lightweight and environmentally friendly. Acrylic fabric is favoured for a variety of other reasons such as it is warm, can be quite soft & light weight, holds colour well (less prone to fading), and is both stain and wrinkle resistant.

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An on line review of this tent makes for interesting reading....(edited)

It took a while to decide on taking the plunge on one of these as it seems to be a rare model with next to no information online. Strangely, I've seen this tent also advertised as a Continental 600 and even stranger one of the bags it comes with calls it a Holiday 600 (name change after production perhaps)?

But we did buy one this summer and after spending two weeks in it in both sun and rain I'm glad we did as it's the best tent we've had.

At just under 4m x 4m the footprint is smaller than most 6 berths but being a traditional frame tent with near vertical sides it offers loads of space for that footprint, which was important for us as we wanted something that could be put in our garden to clean or dry out. Although a six berth it is perfect for two adults and a toddler - any more than this over anything more than a long weekend and I would be looking to up size.

The space is very practical as there's a push out kitchen area about 120cm wide and three bedrooms with zip dividers between them, perfect for using one for storage and portaloo. Unfortunately the three bedrooms come as one inner tent so you can't choose to leave one out in favour of more living space. There's also a roll up door on one side. The entire front can also be rolled up.

The curtains are typical awning or frame tent type with plastic runners although the quality left a bit to be desired as out of the four curtains the Velcro didn't line up on any two of them.

The stub canopy does actually help to some extent, especially as the main door has two zips, so it is possible to leave just the top part of the door open for ventilation with the canopy giving some protection against the rain.

The acrylic canvas is one thing I wasn't sure about before experiencing it, but now I'm definitely won over by it. It's quite a thick material that is easy to wipe off and dried very quickly. On hot days the tent was a nice place to go for shade and it stayed completely dry inside in the rain (though we did hose it down in the garden before the trip and there were signs of leaking then so I would advise weathering the seams first). It's far superior to polyester and I would say not far off cotton, if you want easier cleaning and drying then perhaps it offers more than cotton.

The kitchen extension relies on the guy ropes to pull it out unlike my old Relum which was held out, not just across, by the frame. But you'll easily get away with those being the only guy ropes you put out in normal conditions which is one reason I like frame tents.

The inner tent has a sown-in groundsheet, but being a traditional frame tent the living area doesn't have one. We just bought a nice thick 250gsm tarp at 4m x 4m which as this is cut-size it is a few inches smaller and fitted perfectly allowing the mud flaps to be tucked underneath and the inner tent to be placed on top (tip: instead of pegging the inner tent we used short bungee cords hooked to the inner tent pegging points in the corners and wrapped around the bottom of the rear corner and middle poles). This thickness of groundsheet protects the mud flaps if you place the poles on top as well.

Overall this is a great tent for the price and highly recommended.

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