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Retractable Patio Windbreaker Double (2x 3m) x 1.6m
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10587 : H088

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Retractable Patio Windbreaker Double (2x 3m) x 1.6m

Folding Screen, Windbreaker, Cafe Windbreaker, Patio Windbreaker, Balcony Terrace Wind Screen.
  • Total Measurements: 6.0m Long x 1.6m Tall.
  • Upright Aluminium case with 3m length Pull out Windbreak to either side.
  • Made of: Aluminium Frame.
  • Roller Tube: 60mm.
  • Aluminium front girder: 31x29.5mm.
  • Aluminium Pole: 65x45mm.
  • Supplied with full set of mounting screws.
  • Frame: Silver Grey Powder Coated.
  • Fabric: Polyester in Charcoal Colour 250gms.
This retractable wind breaker would be ideal for any home patio or garden. Perfect for commercial use in cafes and restaurants. Mobile home permanent windbreaker! The list of uses for this fantastic product is endless. If you have a good photo we would love to have it for the web! 

Fitting of the single windbreaker is simple.
The cassette box that encloses the windbreaker is fitted to a solid surface. The receiver is bolted to the ground up to 10 foot away to receive the extended windbreak! Hope the video is self explanatory!

The double windbreaker is itself fixed upright and screwed from its base to a solid surface. From the erected and fixed windbreak enclosure two windbreaks can be opened at any angle required and again held in place with fixed posts up to ten foot apart!

Comments by Dervla - Sales Team

The retractable windbreaker or windscreen is a new product to Ireland. This product has been very popular on the continent and the US. 

It is perfect for cornering off an area of your garden patio from those unwanted cold Irish breezes or even to give you some privacy from nosy neighbours!.

Not all homes have a nice south facing back garden and all your sun light comes into the front. If your like my own mother where all the sun hits to the front then these Retractable windbreakers are perfect for you. The Retractable Windscreen gives you some deserved privacy to enjoy our few Irish summer days in peace.

These Windbreakers come in 2 types: Single & Double.

Single: The single unit requires to be mounted to a wall. It is from the wall fitting that the material can pull out to up to 10ft (3m). Where it will then have to meet it's receiver which will have to be screwed to the ground. We believe with deep enough pegs this receiver could be potentially pegged to the grass also.

Double: The Double unit needs to be screwed to the ground. The weight of the unit would not hold with pegs to the grass. Once this is mounted to the ground the windbreaker can pull out up to 10ft in 2 directions = (Total of 6m). This double windbreaker comes with 2 receiving posts which will also be required to be either bolted to the ground or peg.

The owner of O Meara Camping has a single retractable windbreaker himself and he does a quick video for us to see it in action.

These are amazing units. Very easy to use and gives so much protection.