l Quest Signature Wind Blocker / Windbreaker
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Quest Signature Wind Blocker / Windbreaker
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Quest Signature Wind Blocker / Windbreaker

Warranty: 24 months
Fabric: Quest Tec FullC 100% Cotton.
Poles; Wood.
Size: 500 x 150 cm
Pack size: 170 x 20 x 10 cm
Weight: 6 kg

This is the excellent, premium windbreak perfect for use with your bell tents or anything else. It uses the same 100% sustainably sourced Quest Tec FullC fabric that the signature bell tent range use, so it matches perfectly with all the models. It also means that it will last for years and look amazing when in use.

Used along with the additional tarps it can create that additional covered space you want, whilst keeping in style with your bell tent, but there are not just for Bell Tent owners this is a standout wind breaker for any one after a higher quality, premium windbreak that will last longer.

It comes with wooden poles to finish the look and features the same premium guy ropes and sliders that are on the Quest Elite® Signature range of bell tents. These are premium rope giving far higher strength than standard guy lines giving you extra support and strength for those windy days. The sliders on the guy ropes are the same premium hand sized sliders which are easier to use than the smaller fiddly guy line versions, but are also much stronger and will last far, far longer. The premium guy ropes and sliders give all this extra strength and support as well as looking great help the wind blocker last longer than its rivals.

Quest Tec FullC Fabric - This is a true premium quality fabric. Firstly, it is a full 100% cotton canvas. This is no part cotton and part polyester fabric; it is a true 100% full cotton canvas. Cotton is more U.V. resistant than polyester and polycotton, it is naturally waterproof, and the fabric is treated against mould, rot and U.V. degradation giving it extra durability, strength and protection against the elements. The premium treatment is impregnated into the cotton fibres themselves during the manufacturing process. This is far better than any coating as it ensures that the canvas keeps its natural breathability, whilst treating each fibre in the cotton ensuring the absolute best treatment and protection possible. This is a full 100% cotton material, treated against the elements, waterproof and is still a breathable material giving you the absolute best of everything in one fabric. The fact that this is 100% cotton also means that it is stronger than its polyester and polycotton rivals and has no need for ripstop as the fabric is already extremely tear resistant. Even in the event of an issue cotton material is repairable, so you can repair it if required. The breathability of this fabric means that when the temperature rises the cotton expands, which allows more airflow and the tent breaths more, so the hotter it gets the more it breaths. This also helps keep condensation down to an absolute minimum, meaning you do not need that second skin inside the tent, even when sleeping. The fabric is also better in the cold as when the temperature gets colder the material contracts helping the material to hold the heat in more giving it a better thermal rating.

Guy Ropes and Premium Sliders - Everything about this tent is high quality. There are no guy lines on this tent, it uses nothing but full-strength guy rope. Far stronger and longer lasting than any guy line this helps elevate this tent from its rivals. It also uses the premium, smooth coated hand sliders which makes the tensioning of the guy ropes easier and less fiddle than standard guy lines and sliders. The smooth coating helps makes them more comfortable to use and the premium quality help them to last longer.

Sustainable and good to the earth. Quest's canvas fabric is 100% cotton. This is a naturally grown and sustainable product. Being a sustainable product means that it is better for the environment and has a lower carbon footprint than its man-made alternatives. As the canvas is 100% cotton it does not use any non-sustainable man-made products or non-sustainable additives. The treatment used on the fabric is also a premium quality treatment designed and manufactured in Germany and the UK, which has no added PFOA’s, which again helps the environment and is kinder to our planet.