l Midicat Gas Heater - 1350W
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Midicat Gas Heater - 1350W
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Runs on butane or propane gas. This type of heating is easy to install and is characterised by how safe it is to use: without any combustion flame, fumes or odours at all. The integrated safety device stops gas from leaking in the event that the heat goes out accidentally (thermocouple safety). The top- quality catalytic board, which provides this heating, allows oxygen to reach the inside and thereby ensures combustion with no loss of flammable gas. Emits a pleasant, radiating heat. Discreet and noiseless, it is the ideal accompaniment beneath the canopy.

Take care to ensure that there is continuous ventilation while it is in use. Do not use in a public place, a closed room with no ventilation or in a camper van.