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Ice Pack 1 Kilo size
Box of 16 Ice Packs
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PRICE: €4.00

The EDA Plasticques Ice Pack range are perfect for placing in your Passive Cool Boxes (i.e. NOT Thermo Electric Coolers) to ensure that your food and drinks stay chilled and fresh when you are having a picnic, on a camping trip or at an outdoor event.  Simply place the  Ice Packs in your home freezer overnight before you head out and this will ensure that the ice packs are completely frozen and fully prepared to offer your Cool Box the maximum chilling performance.  Re-usable and washable Ice Packs are the essential and ideal Cool Box companion.  We do not recomend that you use with Thermo Electric Coolers.

  • Available in 2 different sizes (600ml & 1000ml).
  • Completely re-usable.
  • Fully Washable.
  • Freeze for over night before using (10-12 Hours).
  • Perfect for use in conventional Cool Boxes & Cool Boxes (i.e. NOT Thermo Electric Coolers).
  • Keeps food & drink chilled & fresh for hours at a time.

Measurements: 21Cm x 14 cm x 4.5 cm.
Capacity: 1000ml (1Kg).

Most Camp Sites have freezers available for their customer to use which you would be able to refreeze your ice packs to reuse while camping. Please check your camp site facilities to make sure this is available.