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Elsan Blue 4Ltr Portable Toilet Chemical Fluid
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Elsan Blue Portable Toilet Chemical

Elsan Blue's powerful anti-bacterial formula kills germs and eliminates odours. Elsan Blue and Double Blue are the only fluids available to consumers that meet the British Standard 2893:2005. 

Elsan Blue Features:

  • Toilet fluid, Effective toilet additive.
  • Eliminates unpleasant smells.
  • Reduces gas build up.
  • Keeps your tank clean.
  • Stimulates the break down of waste matter and toilet paper.

Elsan has been used and trusted over the years by caravanners, mariners and organisations such as the UN and Red Cross. Elsan Blue is a powerful and hygenic toilet fluid. This Elsan camping toilet fluid is recommended for all users of portable, cassette and pump-out toilet systems in boats, caravans and motorhomes. It is pleasantly perfumed, and ensures safe and hygenic treatment.