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Camping Gas 904 Gas Refill Butane (must collect)
Product Code: 904R
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Camping Gaz 904 Gas Butane Refill (must collect)

The 904 Gaz Cylinder is refillable.

When a refill is needed, bring your empty 904 cylinder into us and we will replace your empty cylinder with a full one.

Refills are of course only available for an empty cylinder.
Refills are rarely brand new or repainted. 
In summertime the Camping Gaz agent refills as quickly as he can sometimes using cylinders where the paint is less than optimum. The paint does not affect the use of the cylinder so don't be concerned. Next time it is been refilled we will try and do better!

Weight 1.81KG.

Height 170mm.

Diameter 203mm.