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10 Day Cooler | Cooler Bags | Hard Coolers | Camping cool box | OMeara Camping
10 Day Cooler | Cooler Bags | Hard Coolers | Camping cool box | OMeara Camping
10 Day Cooler | Cooler Bags | Hard Coolers | Camping cool box | OMeara Camping
10 Day Cooler | Cooler Bags | Hard Coolers | Camping cool box | OMeara Camping
10 Day Cooler | Cooler Bags | Hard Coolers | Camping cool box | OMeara Camping
70 Ltr Cooler Box | Ice Box - 10 Day Cooler
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70 Ltr Cooler Box | Ice Box - 10 Day Cooler

Prestige Toughened Cold Locker Ice Boxes hold Ice for up to 10 days. This cooler is the most efficient & affordable Ice box on the market.

Cooler & Fridge Information

This Cooler is a global top brand for outdoor leisure. Food grade raw material is used for our coolers and we have passed FDA testing. Thick PE insulation layer makes for maximum ice retention for 240 hours under normal temperature environment. Our coolers are widely used not only in camping, fishing, BBQ, hunting, boating and other outdoor leisure sports, but also for keeping food or drink fresh anytime when you are shopping.

There are many features for our coolers such as:
  • 5 Year Warranty.
  • Non Toxic.
  • ​Odourless.
  • UV-Resistant.
  • Non Discolour.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Smooth surface.

10 Day Cooler Details:

  • Capacity: 70 Ltrs.
  • Qtz: 74.0.
  • Exterior Dimensions: L 835 x W 485 x H 474mm.
  • Internal Dimensions: L 629 x W 314 x H 327mm.
  • Weight: 13.5Kgs.
  • Colour: White.

    10 Day Cooler Features:

  • Lid scale in CM and IN. Helps to measure your catch.
  • Lid lock integrated hinge. Prevents the lid closing unexpectedly.
  • All weather T handle latch. Durable and corrosion free.
  • Dual stainless steel locking plates. For maximum security.
  • Refrigeration D type seal provides air tight seal and superior ice retention.
  • Comfortable moulded handles.
  • Sleek appearance and reduced extrusion.
  • Oversized drain plug. Rapid drainage without blocking.
  • Raised reversible feet. Increases insulation properties and provides secure grip on all surfaces.
  • Rotational moulded outer and inner case. Robust, lightweight and easy to maintain.
  • Thick PU insulation provides superior ice retention in all environments. Approx. 2 inches on side walls & 2.5 inches on lid.
Rock Solid Handles:
Steady no-swing designed handles have a wide-grip, large enough for two hands, and are made for carrying heavy loads. They are easier to grip and more stable than ropes. Handles double as secure tie-down anchors for theft resistance and secure transport.

Padded Feet:
Use the skid side for filling & unloading, or flip to anti-skid side to keep cold locker in place. Reversible feet are non-marking and ideal for boat decks and truck beds.

True Full-load Capacity:
oad capacity is measured from the inside, not outside, so you get all the capacity you pay for.

Integrated Fish Ruler:
Convenient ruler molded into lid measures fish, tines or gobbler beards for instant bragging rights.

Bigger, Stronger & Stainless Steel Hinge Rods:
Solid, marine-grade stainless steel hinge rods are larger and stronger than aluminium for secure lid anchoring.

Dual Stainless Steel Lid Locking Plates:
Lid can be locked for maximum security against critters, theft and tampering.

All Weather, Durable T-handle Latches:
Heavy- duty and flexible rubberized latches are corrosion resistant and long lasting even in tough environments. They lock in cold and help keep loads secure.

Drain System:
Oversized drain plug allows for faster draining and easier cleaning without clogging from fish scales, bones or other debris. The extra-large finger grips are easy to grab and turn, and the stainless steel tether helps prevent plug loss. Larger sizes have two drain plugs for even faster draining.

Exclusive thermal barrier is thicker & more uniform then our Maxcold range with no gaps, seams or thin spots to leak cold.

Dry Ice Compatible
Construction is tough enough for dry ice so your fish, meat or supplies stay colder and fresher longer. Conventional ice life is maximized when used in tandem with dry ice.

360˚ Degree Freezer-style Gasket
Heavy-duty gasket seals in cold and locks out heat with a leak proof compression seal.

Cool Riser Technology:
Elevated design improves cooling performance by holding the cold lockers further above hot surfaces, and makes wash-downs easier on boat decks and other surfaces.