l 70 Amp Leisure Battery Model 678
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70 Amp Leisure Battery Model 678
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70 Amp Leisure Battery.

(Leisure Batteries CANNOT be delivered, must be collected from shop.)

A leisure battery has been specially designed for flexible usage in marine and leisure applications and comes with the following features.

  • High Performance - Low Maintenance.
  • Magic eye - Check battery condition at a glance.
  • Internal Carry Handle.
  • Comes fully charged and ready to use.
  • Ideal for Boats, Motorhomes, Camping, Markets, Caravans, Auxiliary 12vt Appliances.
  • AH value: 70
  • Dimensions: H 225mm x L 260mm x W 174mm.
  • Weight: 17Kgs.
  • Charge Rate: 4A.
  • Hold Down: B5.
  • CCA: 450.
  • 12V Anti Spill vibration resistant deep cycle and long storage life.
  • Calcium/Calcium technology extends battery life, safety venting system prevents sparks entering the battery.
  • State of Charge Indicator (SOCI).
  • Cell layout 1, terminal type T1.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

 Marine & Leisure Deep Cycle Battery.

12 Volt Battery.

Leisure Batteries some useful information.

Equipment                   Rating in Watts            Hours in use               Watt hours

Two 8 watt lights                  16                              5                         80

Two 10 watt spot lights          20                            1                         20

Water pumps                        50                             .2                         10

Colour TV                              50                              5                         250

Total  Watt Hours                                                                                             360

Divide watt hours by volts to get Ampere hours..... 360 / 12 = 30 Ah. Per day lets assume!  using the sample figures above.

Based on the above information in theory, an 70 amp hour battery should go dead on the third day!

It is not recommended that you run your battery to the point of total discharge. So looking again at the above example a 70amp battery would only last for two days. Bear in mind that modern caravans and motor homes run rather a lot of 12v accessories, this puts everything into perspective. It also suggests that you keep a good check on your batteries condition. The caravan may have pretty diodes but they do not tell you the state of the battery charge. Taking a specific gravity reading of the electrolyte is messy. The only real way to measure the batteries condition is to use a multimeter reading the voltage across the batteries terminals.

Voltmeter Reading                 Approx Charge State

12.7 v or more                                   100%

12.5 v                                                 75%

12.4 v                                                 50%

12v or less                                    Discharged

To avoid false readings and to ensure safety, switch off all 12 volt appliances. Disconnect the batteries negative terminal. Never take a reading shortly after a battery has been under charge and if you have been using a mains charger leave for a day before taking a reading. Only batteries in good condition will hold their charge for 24 hours. Note that immediately after charging a battery there may be some gas around the casing. Do not touch the terminals with the test probe as the tiniest sparks might ignite the explosive gases.

A car battery is designed to provide a large burst of energy to crank the starter motor and turn the engine over. This energy is immediately reinstated by the cars alternator. A leisure battery continues powering 12 volt appliances until it is almost discharged. This repeated cycle of discharge followed by charging is sometimes known as deep cycling and deep cycling will destroy a standard car battery.

Leisure battery key features.

Never run a leisure battery until it is completely discharged.

A leisure battery that has been completely discharged and left for 24 hours in this state can probably never be restored. It may be destroyed!

A reliable gauge for warning when the charge is low is a good idea.

The term Ah, amp hour refers to the length of time a battery can provide a usable supply of 12 v power before it needs to be re charged. Remembering of course that temperature, and the load on the battery can affect the performance. Many people will be surprised at how quickly their leisure battery discharges especially if they are not connected to a mains hook up.