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6mx3m Gazebo | Instant Shelters | Pop Up Tents | OMeara Camping
6mx3m Gazebo | Instant Shelters | Pop Up Tents | OMeara Camping
6mx3m Gazebo | Instant Shelters | Pop Up Tents | OMeara Camping
6mx3m Gazebo | Instant Shelters | Pop Up Tents | OMeara Camping
6mx3m Gazebo | Instant Shelters | Pop Up Tents | OMeara Camping
6m x 3m Industrial Pro 50 Pop Up Gazebo (Inc: Top + Frame Only)
Gazebos O Mearas High Grade Quick Open Shelter ideal for any mobile business or farmers market. Robust, Durable, Waterproof, Portable, Fire Certified. Ideal for all commercial use with a range of colours.
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Industrial Pro 50 Pop Up Shelter 3m x 6m (10' x 20')

The Industrial Pro 50 Pop up Shelter erects in 60 seconds as you can see from the O Meara Camping store video. The Pop up Gazebo is waterproof & Fire Retardant. O Meara Camping is Ireland’s largest retailer of High Quality Quick Erect Gazebos, Pop up Gazebos, Pop up Market Stalls and Commercial Covers. Easy up Gazebos are used as Work Stalls and in Beer gardens and have many uses. 
Gazebo Information

O Meara Camping back up their sales of Industrial shelters with a comprehensive range of spare parts. Spare frames, tops and sides are almost always available. Please note we like to get the frame back if a repair is needed as customers are not always sure of the frame that they have. In some cases what looks like one frame may not be so and have spurious parts and even we have been fooled. To reduce the price I have seen a shelter made with a mixture of parts really good quality legs which you would immediately see,but very different under the cover. 

We also offer a Full Digital Branding Option for your Gazebo. For More Info Please Click Here.

Industrial Pro 50 Pop Up Shelter Material Features:

  • Polyester PVC coated fabric - Fire Retardant to BS7837:1996 with fully taped seams to ensure a leak proof cover.
  • Fabric Quality 380 Gram  Polyester Roof. (Solid Colours example Red. Side walls for this grade fabric have No Mud Skirt)
  • U.V. stabilised and waterproof material.
  • Triple stitched material with hot air taped seams.
  • Corner screw thread retainers on the roof canopy to ensure that the cover stays on during bad weather.

Industrial Pro 50 Frame Features:

  • Constructed from extremely strong and thick aluminium (50mm x 2.0mm) with steel metal joints.
  • No Plastic Parts are used in the shelter frame.
  • 2.0mm gauge and 35mm aluminium frame on crisscross section as in PDF.
  • Zinc electroplated finish.
  • Alloy angles 6.0mm thick. 
  • Finger friendly pull pin system with telescopic settings from 6' to 7'.  
  • Complete with bungs on the end of the frame tubes to prevent tearing of the roof cover. 
  • The Industrial Pro 50  gazebo has 5 different height settings. There are five different height settings allowing you to reduce this height, with 3" increments between settings.
  • The maximum eave clearance is 7' 4" with a maximum overall height of 11' 7".
  • Full roof trusses, cross bars, bolt & nut system, which allows easy replacement of bars.
  • The shelter comes complete with frame carry bag.
  • Large triangular feet for pegging/bolting down.
  • Comes complete with ropes for corners and four large stakes.
  • Unique pin locking system in the adjustable legs.
  • An Instant Awning in windy conditions.
  • Industrial Pro 50 will free stand on hard or soft surfaces, and the structure is perfectly stable when conditions are calm.
  • We always recommend securing your Industrial Pro 50 in the best possible way, in case conditions unexpectedly change for the worse.
  • When conditions get bad remember what the wind is capable of. The wind has been known to lift roofes never mind a gazebo.


Frame Weight: 67.4Kgs - Frame Packed Size 155x45x34.
Top Weight: 9.7Kgs - Top Packed Size: 48cm x 38cm x 22cm

** The Material on these shelters are made of Polyester. Please ensure that you fully dry your fabric before storing. Wet or even Damp fabric will allow Mould to grow which with rot your fabric.**

Dervla's Comments - Sales Team. VIDEO

The Commercial shelters are the most popular shelter we sell for Women and those may in some cases find the Industrial grade just too heavy to move about or open. It is important to buy the shelter which is right for you. I myself can open the Industrial shelter but i would make it look like hard work as i don't have the physical strength that a man has. The simple truth is that i prefer the Commercial shelter. My main reasons are that I can open it easily and I can lift it on my own. For someone like myself this is the perfect shelter for me. The Commercial shelter despite the fact that it is lighter then our Industrial shelter it remains very strong and robust.

What really makes the difference is the Frame Shape, the gauge of aluminium used in the bars, and the strength of the angles and connectors are all so important. So many tend to focus on whether the frame is a 40mm or a 50mm but there are so many more factors to take into account. Every difference in the shelter and the fabrics used adds to the cost of production. We strongly believe that we have found the best mix to supply to the Irish market.

The strength of aluminium which is used in the construction of our Pop Up Shelters is remarkable for the metal's low density and for its ability to resist corrosion. The Aluminium is cast into a hexagonal shape to be more resilient to bending vs square structured frames.
Heavy Duty Nylon clamps + nut and bolt on all cross bar sections for extra strength and less shaking in wind vs some companies who only use a nut and bolt.
Large base plates on each leg to provide an adequate area for placing a weight on your shelter leg.
Large fixed section of heavy duty velcro on the top corners of frame to help hold your canopy in place.
4 x tapped screw corners in the framework to screw through a brass eyelet in your canopy down into the frame for a tight secure fit. (This will help to prevent your top blowing off your frame which can happen in severe wind (most other companies do not provide this).
5 x Adjustable height settings vs only 3 settings by some other companies. Our shelter can extend to give a clearance of 6ft 8".      

Material Canopy:
The Polyester Fabric used by O'Meara Camping has been Fire Tested by 
BTTG to British standards BS7837:1996 to ensure that our material adheres to all the correct Fire Certified requirements in Ireland. (Fire retardant fabric is just not enough for commercial use if your shelter material is not fire certified you can be asked to remove your shelter by the fire officer on duty. Your shelter must pass a naked flame test). We have seen some videos online showing various types of pop up shelters with fabric so light in quality and weight that a light wind lifts the fabric so easily this is not to be compared to our heavy material. The Fabric used by O'Meara Camping has been graded to 380Gsm. You pay for what you get. Video to view shortly. We have a showroom in Dublin where we welcome you to come in and see, feel and demonstrate our range of shelters.

Material Side Walls:
(Same as Canopy) Fire Tested by 
BTTG to British standards BS7837:1996 to ensure that our material aheards to all the correct Fire Certified requirements in Ireland. The side walls we use on all our shelters have velcro sections to secure the side wall to the frame and zips to secure the sides to each other. This feature gives you more protection from the wind on the cold days. We also have windows on two of the side panels which can be concealed from the inside with curtains if you wish. One side wall has a zip up door way as a large entrance point and the last side wall is plain Vs some companies who only offer 4 plain side walls. We have seen some companies which supply side walls which are drastically less quality to the tops, most do not have zips, only velcro. Again you pay for what you get. O M'eara Camping side walls are the same grade as the tops which in our Industrial grade is 380Gsm. 

Service & Experience:
O'Meara Camping have been stocking and selling pop up shelters for over 10 years. We have grown with our business and learned from our experiences.

We import all our own shelters.
We only sell stock we have available.
We stock a wide range of spare roofs, side walls & frames.
We have a full parts service for all shelters purchased from O'Meara Camping.
If required we will do your frame repairs free of charge (You only pay for the parts required).

O M'eara Camping Pop Up Shelter is the most reliable, durable and quality pop up shelter around. 

This Shelter can be erected in less than 60 seconds! - Visit our showroom for a demonstration.