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House Awning | Patio Awning | Wind Out Cover | Canopy | Decking Shade
House Awning | Patio Awning | Wind Out Cover | Canopy | Decking Shade
House Awning | Patio Awning | Wind Out Cover | Canopy | Decking Shade
House Awning | Patio Awning | Wind Out Cover | Canopy | Decking Shade
House Awning | Patio Awning | Wind Out Cover | Canopy | Decking Shade
2.5m x 2.0m Manual House Awning - Residential House Awning
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2.5m x 2m Manual House Awning (On Roller) 

General Information:

O'Meara Camping carries a fantastic range of retractable House Awnings at extremely keen prices. The perfect addition to any house, front or back. This unit can be fitted to your wall neatly. House Awnings available in a wide range of colours. House Awning strength and durability comes from aluminium alloy components used in the construction.

Manual Awning Features:

  • Weather proof PU coated polyester fabric.
  • Almost 100% Waterproof.
  • Easy Clean - proper cleaning will extend the using life of your fabric.
  • Large range of patterns to choose from.
  • Clearance height 2m+.
  • Adjustable angle - awning can be tilt adjusted.
  • Manual Winding handle provided.
  • Awning is self supporting.
  • Simple & easy to fit.
  • Supplied with hanging brackets & wall bolts.


Remove your valance (front piece of awning fabric) during the winter and store to prevent mildew. The Valance will just slide out. 

House Awning Care Information:

  1. There are a few points that you must take into account when you have purchased an awning from O Meara Camping.
  2. For service or repair the awning must be returned to our Dublin shop as we do not have a fitting service ourselves.
  3. When selecting a position for your awning, ensure that all the fixing points are structurally sound.
  4. If you are unsure regarding the fitting of your awning to the required location please seek professional advice.
  5. Check that the wall brackets fit the awning before mounting the brackets to the wall.
  6. Mount the brackets to the wall in the required location and ensure that all the fixings are tightly secured.
  7. Once you have mounted the awning onto the wall you can adjust the angle at which the horizontal material will project.
  8. This is known as the pitch and can be adjusted by firstly loosening the bolts at the end of the arm where it mounts onto the square bar.
  9. You then lift the front of the awning to the required height and tighten the bolts again.
  10. The pitch of your awning should never be totally horizontal, allow a fall in the material so that the rain can run off the awning.

A couple of golden rules that you must pay attention to when you have an awning.

1) It is strongly recommended that in windy conditions that your awning is completely retracted.

2) If your awning is manual you must ensure that the awning is wound directly vertical from the gear box. This means that when mounting the awning you must ensure that the handle can be totally vertical when attached to the gearbox so that you can wind the awning in and out without straining the gearbox. Do not keep winding when the awning is closed or you will break either the gear box, the winder or the handle!

3) If your awning is remote control you must ensure that the remote is used with common sense. This means that you do not allow the remote control to be played with. Replacement motors are available.

4) If your awning is remote control it will have a manual over-ride which allows you to retract the awning in the case of a power failure. The awning is not designed to be used as a dual purpose awning so only use the manual aspect of the awning if the power fails. Do not over tighten by hand.

5) Keep naked flames and similar heat sources away from the awning. It will burn.!

Maintenance required with the awning

1) If the awning has been retracted and the material is wet, it is advised that the awning be opened as soon as physically possible to allow the material to dry.

2) If the awning requires cleaning only use water and a hard brush.

3) If any parts of the awning frame begin to become slightly marked or scraped. Use "Hammerite" hammered finish white metal protection paint on them and this will prolong the life of the awning frame.

4) Remove the Valance from "In housing" awnings so that the Valance does not deteriorate while the protected material in the awning housing does not. The valance is the trim piece on the front and is simple to remove / replace. When using this product please apply common sense to all aspects.

There is an old saying "Common sense is a wonderful commodity" ................


5 Stars
Name Susan Philips

Bought a house awning about 8 years ago. They are brilliant i use mine to bbq under or to dry my clothes its not just for the sun in my case. I got the solid green at the time but over the year it has started to discolour so i bought a new fabric this year. 8 years is not bad though got my moneys worth out of it. never leaked. never had anything go wrong actually.

gives you great privacy from your neighbours too if you like to lie out on your patio. 10 out of 10.