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Camping Equipment From O Meara Camping Store - Fantastic Range of Camping and Caravanning Accessories.

OMeara Camping have a fantastic range of Camping accessories, caravan accessories, tent accessories, market stall accessoriesas well as mobile home and motor home accessories in stock. Items such as

  • Air beds and sleeping bags
  • Range of cookers including cookers for Motor homes and scouts
  • Water Containers of all sizes including Rain Harvesters
  • Ice boxes, 12 volt coolers and Fridges
  • Gazebos, shelters, house awnings
  • Caravan and motor home awnings
  • Chemical toilets suitable as commodes or for family use.
  • Hot water heaters both portable and for fixing use.
  • Gas appliances including lights and barbecues.
  • Furniture for camping including a vast amount of tables and chairs.
  • Low wattage appliances such as Washing machines and lights and pumps
Cooker Windshield
Cooker Windshield
Plastic Backboard Stretcher.
Plastic Backboard Stretcher.