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O'Meara Camping Ireland have been trading continuously in Ireland since 1966.
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm (Closed Sundays & Mondays)



Welcome to O Meara Camping Ireland - Ireland's First and Largest Camping Store. Although principally a Camping & Leisure store the range of products in O Meara Camping has evolved with the requirements of our customers. This diversification includes:
Family frame tents and trailer Tents.
Party tents / Marquee tents.
Tents for events. 
Market Stalls for business start ups.
Gazebo quick erecting shelters.
Pop up shelters / Quick Erect Shelters.
Trestle furniture in various sizes.
Water Harvesters to collect free rainwater.
High quality 5-10 day insulated Ice boxes for carrying samples or medicines.
Tents for car racing and motorcycle events.
Tents for exhibitions and for exhibitors.
Garden Gazebo's.
House Awnings.
Accessories for Caravans, Camping, Motorhomes, Mobile Homes and Boating.
Dome Tents, Frame Tents, Scout Tents, Girl Guide Tents.
Caravan and Motorhome awnings.
Canoes and Kayks solid and inflateable.
And many more innovative and specialist products.

O'Meara Camping Ireland remains a market leader, recognized as a household name and brand throughout Ireland. The Camping Brand is synonymous with the name O'Meara Camping, as it has been for over 50 years. Many of our customers are not only repeat, but second or even third generation customers. The longevity of the company is testament to the customer service, diversity and innovative nature of the business. In more recent times our camping brochure has been replaced with our Online Camping brochure. The O Meara Camping website continues to provide our customers with an honest appraisal of products, their quality and suitability as did our retail catalogues. Our after sales service is another delineating quality of the company as we try to carry spare parts for the products we sell so you just don't have to regret you bought them.

6m x 12m PVC Marquee + Ground Frame
6m x 12m PVC Marquee + Ground Frame
1 Only (2 x Boxes Torn)
8 Foot Trestle Table Dining Table
8 Foot Trestle Table Dining Table
Gas Griddle
Gas Griddle

Cast Iron Portable, Folding Gas Catering BBQ & Griddle. Weight 69Kgs